Toyota Model Is “Most American-Made”

July 18th, 2015 by

Many drivers around the U.S. are committed to buying American-made vehicles these days, supporting their own country and industry over others. But what some of them may not realize is that Toyota, already a beloved manufacturer, produces most of its cars for American drivers right here in the United States. With ten manufacturing plants around the U.S., as well as facilities like the Calty Design Research Center and Toyota Technical Center, Toyota is dedicated to investing in U.S. economic growth through their manufacturing.

But of course, not everyone knows that – which is why the dedicated sales team at your La Pine area Toyota dealership were excited to find out that the top two spots in the American-Made index this year were taken by Toyota models. Every year, takes a close look at the cars being built and sold in the United States to determine which are the most American-made. They consider factors like domestic parts, where the vehicles are assembled, and more. To even qualify for the list, models must have at least 75 percent domestic parts and be built at least partially in the United States. And at the top of the list this year? The Toyota Camry! Built in Kentucky using primarily domestic parts, the Toyota Camry is not only the best-selling car in the U.S., but the most American-made as well. A close second is the Toyota Sienna, assembled right in the heartland in Princeton, Indiana.

Here at Kendall Toyota of Bend, we understand why drivers want to buy cars made right here in their own country, and we fully support their decision. Which is why we’re thrilled to be bringing the two most American-made cars sold in the United States to our customers! So support American industry, and stop by today to see our 2015 Toyota models. La Pine, Terrebonne, and Prineville drivers can find the best in American-made cars right here in Bend.

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