Toyota RAV4 Shows Off with New Rally Car

June 9th, 2015 by

It’s likely that most drivers have generally thought of the Toyota RAV4 as a great family or travel vehicle, but never considered its capabilities in more intense circumstances. We’ve even been guilty of that here at your local Toyota dealership in Bend! But Toyota has recently set us all straight in an impressive way, by unveiling a Toyota RAV4 rally car last month. Toyota made the big reveal at the Monster Energy Supercross Championship in May. And they put their impressive new rally car into the capable of hands of Ryan Millen, a rally car champion who won the 2015 Baja 1000 in a Toyota Tundra, and who will take the Toyota RAV4 rally car to races across America this year.

Of course it takes a little something extra for any car to be ready for the rally circuit. Rally racing places demands on vehicles that they never have to deal with in the ordinary course of things. The car must be muscled up to be ready for the tough terrain and grueling races, while at the same time it needs to be light and fast enough to be competitive when it goes head-to-head with other models. But hard-working Toyota engineers and Millen himself were up to the challenge, and have created a fantastic, rally-ready model of the popular small-sport utility vehicle (SSUV.) With a stock transmission and engine providing the horsepower and torque Millen will need to race around the tracks, all-terrain tires, and a loss of over 500 pounds of stock weight, the modified 2015 Toyota RAV4 is ready to make a name for itself in rally races.

Not all of us can equal Millen in our ability to race our Toyota models through intense rally circuits, but we can all appreciate that perhaps there’s a little more to our Toyota RAV4 than we thought! Come to Kendall Toyota of Bend to find out for what a road-ready 2015 Toyota RAV4 is capable of from one of our knowledgeable Toyota dealers. Redmond and Prineville drivers will find us easily right here in Bend!

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